Episode 33: Thinning the “heard”?

June 14, 2016

It was a dark and stormy night… no….really. We recorded this podcast on June 6th and it was raining cats and dogs. Skype was giving us issues and we had to re-connect several times. It was a rough night with great conversation and in the end a good time was had by all. Due to a technical issue on my part, about half or better of the recording is missing. I explain in the podcast. Anyway, these guys are all great guys with interesting points of view, so if you want to see what else they are up to you can check them out here:

Bruce: http://answersbybruce.com

Nathan: http:

Motherboard Earth Productions
@MotherboardE on Twitter
@WojoMusic on Twitter
Josh: https://www.youtube.com/user/JoshMolczyk
Mike: Mike as you can tell from the show is NEVER short on jokes. Including when I asked for links. Here is his reply:  “Since I don’t have my own podcast, or you tube channel, or blog ( after all Aaron I’m only an idea man! Here is my contribution:  https://youtu.be/Iwuy4hHO3YQ. Had a genuine blast with all of you!”


Episode 32: Holey Boards Batman!

May 31, 2016

My Holey Board covered in pedals.

For years when ever I would use pedals, I would just toss them in my gig bag. When I finally decided to get a pedal board, I bought an SKB. At the time SKB was noted for its durable products and I got a lot of mileage from that board. It had built in power and a soft case. It did the job and saw a lot of mileage. Eventually I outgrew the board. It was big and bulky, but did not hold that many pedals. Thus began my search for a new pedal solution. I kept looking for pedal boards and most of what o found was quite boring. Then one day, and I don’t remember how or when, I discovered Holey Boards.

Holey boards had my attention from the word go. They were beautiful wooden boards, looked like a skateboard deck and had two tiers. You know what else? No Velcro! It was my dream board! I loved the design, the look and the function, there was only one problem. The board came unfinished and I had no idea how to finish any wood products. So I emailed Chris at Holey boards and asked him what to do. He was super nice and emailed me back with instructions. It seems simple enough, so I ordered my board and then headed out to lowes to buy finishing supplies.

Well, Chris was right. It was easy to finish and it turned out great. The board has become the focal point of my home studio and the design makes it perfect for “staging” pedals on the bottom and having my chain on the top half. As soon as I had completed the board I wanted to get Chris on the show to talk about the boards and I am pleased to bring you that chat! I had an absolute blast talking with Chris! We talk about pedal boards, effects, amps and even beer! Plus, Chris (like me) owns the Catalin Bread Echorec. It was great to talk with someone else who has used one. Sit back and enjoy the show!



Episode 31: Suzanne Decree

May 22, 2016

Sue’s Epiphone Les Paul holding pictures of us at a Nashville NAMM show

My friend Sue is launching a new website (suzannedecree.com) so I had her on the how to talk about the new website and a few other other things. Sue and I have know each other for 20 years plus, have been to a few NAMM shows, several guitar shows, and have written a bunch of songs in that time. During this time we have had countless discussions on teaching methods and gear, which we share in this episode. Sue is not only a top notch guitar teacher, she also edits video for Digital Tour Bus as well as some promotional work for Dark Beauty. All of which we talk about in this week’s show. A couple other things we mention are Classical Guitar Corner, a classical guitar lesson site and podcast run by Simon Powis and Sue’s favorite site, Claus Levin.

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Episode 30: Lost Knowledge or Maker Movement?

May 13, 2016

My trusty Yeti microphone and Coke.

In this episode I am joined by my friend Chris. Chris and I talk about everything from art and awards to baseball and building pedals. The big topic is “are we losing knowledge from generation to generation?”. Everyday I look around and feel like the world is lowering the bar instead of raising it. But then other times I feel like we have made quantum leaps forward. The whole show was inspired by a video on YouTube about building a tremolo pedal., So I posted that Video below. Tune and see what you think. Share your thoughts with me on Twitter: @sgnl2nz.




Episode 29: Why I use pedals

April 26, 2016

I’m still on my Metallica kick, so be prepared for more Metallica. And I mean LOTS more Metallica. I love the bonus material on the “Ride the Lightning” box set and share my thoughts, plus I explain why this magazine from 1986 is the featured image this week. I also talk about how I look like Mr. Rogers, yet listen to Heavy Metal, my Buddy Don and just being nice. Plus the topic of the day: Why I use pedals. Follow me on Twitter and Instagram- @sgnl2nz



Episode 28: Unboxing the KHDK Ghoul Screamer

April 18, 2016

I have been talking about this pedal for the last three episodes, and it’s finally here! This podcast was done partially along with a YouTube video of the unboxing of the pedal and partially as a stand alone quick and dirty demo. It was supposed to match up with both of the YouTube videos I posted, but hey I forgot to hit the record button on part 2. What can I say? I’m REALLY excited about this pedal. I will post more as I play with the pedal more. The first 3 minutes are just me opening the box and looking at the pedal. If you want to hear sounds right away, skip past those. Now I can’t wait to make some noise!



Episode 27: Record Store Day is in Progress!

April 16, 2016

I got up early and went down to Monster Music and Movies today for Record Store Day. It was a GREAT time! It was great to see so many people out buying music rather than downloading it for free on the Internet. So many different people of all ages were out getting music, and of all styles and genres. I put this episode together on the fly today to talk about Record Store Day and why I love it. In fact, if you listened t the last episode, you will know that Roch does not go to Record Store Day….. Well this year he did! While I was recording the show, he sent me a picture from Park Avenue CD’s. Stay excited about the music, because it’s why we buy the gear in the first place. Now get out there and make some noise!


A Metallic Episode Of Signal To Noise!

April 15, 2016
Zorlac Metallica Skateboard deck with a skull and crossbones on it. A Sword is piercing the skull. Behind the deck are two guitar amplifiers. There is a small black box which is the Boss HM-2 Heavy metal pedal.

My Zorlac Metallica skate deck and my Boss HM-2 Heavy Metal Pedal

This Saturday is Record Store Day and one of my Favorite bands from youth are the ambassadors. I’m joined by Roch of the Radioactive Metal Podcast to discuss Roch’s gear from his band days, Kirk Hammett’s “Ghoul Screamer” pedal, our first Metallica shows, and what Metallica Release we are most excited about: the potential new record coming this year, or the Remastered Box Sets. Thanks for listening and follow us on twitter and Instagram at @sgnl2nz!



Episode 25: Randomness with Aaron and Josh

April 6, 2016

The rig and the kit….they’re “Electric”. Boogie, oogie, oogie, oggie.

This episode was a blast to record. My buddy Josh came over to jam and after we jammed for a bit we recorded this show. It’s Random, and distracted and hopefuly as entertaining for you as it was for us. Follow me on Instagram, Twitter and periscope: @sgnl2nz.



Episode 24: The Garage Band on iOS – Special Guest: Mike Esposito

February 23, 2016

Well Heck…It has been almost 3years since I posted a podcast. I’m not making any promises, but I do have a few show ideas mulling around…so hopefully this continues. Anyway, my buddy Mike hung out with me to discuss creativity, being a musician, and the updates to Garage Band on the iOS.