Episode 34: The “Art” of the record industry

June 21, 2016
After Episode 33 went live, I got a message on Instagram from my buddy Bob asking when he could be a guest on the show. I asked what his ideas were and next thing you know we had the outline for this week's episode. Bob has a background in graphic design and has not only made graphics for me to use at work, he also taught me just enough in photoshop to be dangerous. Since he has an extensive knowledge in design, iy was fun to sit down and talk about his thoughts on how Image and graphics impact a band's image in today's market. Bob has some great insight and it's alway fun to talk to a fellow Pittsburgher about the old haunts and hangouts. Bob and I discuss the Altar Bar in this episode (which is the featured image), and what a great place it is to see a show as well as other Pittsburgh venues. If you want to see Bob's work check out: www.noxstavern.com. It' not only a website he designed and built, it's also his Sister-in-law's Tavern and a great place to grab a burger. Let me know your thoughts about the show on Twitter and Instagram.

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