Episode 38: TC Electronic WireTap

September 2, 2016

Welcome to Episode 38! This episode is all about the Wiretap by TC Electronic. A few weeks ago I wandered into a Guitar Center and found the Wiretap featured as the "Pedal of the week". I really didn't know much about it other than it was a recorder. So I sat down, plugged it in and started noodling. Right away I fell in love it. It's not sexy, it does not change my sound at all, but as I noodled with it I realized that with as easy as it was to use, I would never lose a riff again. Literally a day or two before I have been in my studio, working out ideas and had a knew one hit. by the time I got my iPhone out of my pocket and ready to record, I had completely forgotten the riff. 

 With the Wiretap, that will never happen again. It sits on my board at the end of the chain right before the amp and it's always ready to go. Step on it to record and that is it. I know it's not the first "guitar focused" recording device. Line 6 had the back track that was designed to be an "always on" recorder. I thought line 6 had a cool idea, but I don't like editing. If I am working on an idea, I want to hear that idea, not sift through hours of noodling to find it. I love this pedal because when I am ready to record, I just step on the pedal and capture the idea. step on it again to turn it off. 

Another cool feature of the pedal is the App that TC Electronic built to compliment the pedal. I can easily sync my idea to phone and share the idea with a band mate. there is one quirky feature of that app, but that is something you will have to listen to to find out. Enjoy!


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