Episode 39: David Karon of KHDK Electronics

September 6, 2016

My Ghoul Screamer arrived in April. I unboxed it with giddy excitement and have not stopped gushing about it since. I am still THRILLED with that pedal and watch eagerly for every bit of news that KHDK puts out. Fast forward to July when the teaser video hit for the Scuzz Box. Now that giddy excitement has turned into a tone obsession, and getting the chance to talk with David about the KHDK approach to tone was a great experience. As a music fan first, i've spent hours, months and years obsessing over particular tones on records and struggled to replicate them, even using the same gear. Years go by and articles start to surface about how that original gear was "modded" to artist specs. What excites me the most about KHDK is that this is the first time we the general public are getting access to these "behind the scenes" mods. Talking with David, you can tell just how passionate he is about music and the "elusive" perfect tone. As I write this my Scuzz box is en route. I cannot wait to unbox it, get it on the board and start crafting. Hit us up on Twitter and Instagram and share your tone obsessions with us!


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