Episode 42: Support your local guitar shops!

September 28, 2016

Episode 42 Comes to you live (sort of) from my hotel room in Tampa, Fl! It was my first time in Tampa and so I checked out a couple guitar shops (check out my Instagram feed for pictures) and some local beer (Thank you Tampa Bay Brewing Company!) While I was there I met a couple young guitarists, one who was just starting out and another who absolutely blew me away with his skills. And that's the topic of this episode. Guitar shops: Where guitarists can hang out and meet each other. We are full swing in the digital age and there are so many great things because of it. For example, I was able to record this podcast in my hotel room on my iPad and then upload it to my FTP site. I love the age we live in and I love being able to order anything I want or need at anytime. What I miss is the local guitar shop. They are dwindling. Where I currently live we only have two local shops and they are ok. One has been getting better and better. What's it been doing differently? focusing on the "community" aspect of being a guitarist. Community and having a cool place to gather, play and shop is what pushes the community forward. What are your Favorite shops? Share them with us on Twitter and Instagram.


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