Episode 41: Hands on with the KHDK Scuzz Box

September 21, 2016

In Episode 39 I spoke with David Karon of KHDK electronics about their line of effects and especially the Scuzz Box. After the interview (and during a hurricane) I ordered my Scuzz Box from The Guitar Guru Network on Reverb.com and waited with excitement for it to arrive. Well....IT's HERE!!!! So I opened it, put it on the board and recorded my first impressions for the show. My set up for the show was my Epiphone SG and Mexican Start into the Scuzz Box, then my Ghoul Screamer, then my Boss FBM-1, then the TC Electronic Wiretap, and finally my Vox AC4. I recorded everything with one mic, Blue Snowball, plugged into my iPad running Bossjock Studio. Ian torn between micing the amp and doing a "real" recording and the "live recording that i did. I opted for "live" because my ultimate goal is for you to hear the pedal as i hear it. For example, on the "Scuzz" setting you can hear the gate kick in and then hear my strings (acoustically) still vibrating even though the gate had kicked in.Let us know on Twitter and Instagram what you think!


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